2021 Membership Information

Membership Applications are at the Club house to fill out or in Word formats, are posted below

Includes 24-hour access to the club grounds during the shooting season (April through August), unlimited use of practice range & paper course, and access to the clubhouse via a key code. We hold three Membership Meetings throughout the year (Winter, Spring, and Fall) Your attendance is strongly encouraged.  

Membership Incentive: Active paid members in good standings who bring in a new member to the club that fulfills  all membership requirements will receive 50% off next years membership dues.  

Membership Requirements:  

  1. Membership renewal due date is prior to league starting.  
  2. As a member of Lakeshore Bowhunters you are expected to help out around the club (its  what keeps the club going) There are multiple opportunities to help out such as 3D set-up, bug  spraying, lawn maintenance, work parties, brat fry, or working an archery shoot. The board  members as well as other club members are happy to help show you the ropes on these  activities so don’t be worried that you don’t know what to do, just ask.  We expect members help with a minimum of 4 activities throughout the season, there is a signup sheet located at the clubhouse.  
  3. If you sign up for an activity and are not able to fulfill your commitment it is your  responsibility to get a back-fill for this activity to not leave the club or other members short.  
  4. In order to hunt the club a member must be in good standing, have completed all work  obligations, and done so for two consecutive years. If our members hunt, regardless of the  species they are expected to obey the rules of “fair chase” and all applicable DNR  regulations.  

If you agree with the membership requirements of Lakeshore Bowhunters Archery Club and wish to become or renew as a member, or sign up for the 2021 3D League please return completed form and payment to our current Membership Chair: 

Jake Chipman  

533 County Rd M  

Pickett, WI 54964 

Deliver all cash payments in person at the club, only check payments should be mailed

Lakeshore Bowhunters Archery Club Membership levels:

Single Membership (includes 12 weeks of  3-D league & 5 LSB Shoots) $135.00 

Family Membership (includes  12 weeks of 3-D & 5 LSB shoots) $200.00 

Non-Working Single Membership (includes 12 weeks 3-D league &5  LSB shoots) $200.00 


Junior Membership 3D League (age 15-17) $25.00 

Cadet Membership 3D League (age 12-14) $25.00 

Junior Membership 3D League (age 11 and under) FREE 

☐3D League only (Non- member) shooting Tuesdays only (does NOT include gate code & LSB Shoots) $150.00

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