2020 Membership Information


Membership Applications are at the Club house to fill out or in Word formats, are posted below

2020 LSB Membership 

As a member, you are expected to adhere to the requirements of Lakeshore Bowhunters
Archery Club.

 *Membership includes 24-hour access to the club grounds, unlimited use of practice range &
paper course, and access to the clubhouse via a key code. 

Membership requirements: 

 1.  Membership payment/ renewal due prior to league starting.

 2.  As a working member of Lakeshore Bowhunters you are required to participate in a minimum of 4 activities. Activities include but are not limited to: 3D set-up, bug spraying, lawn maintenance, work parties, or working an archery shoot. Sign-up sheets will be available at the Spring meeting and in the club house. If you sign up for an activity and are unable to make it, you are responsible to find a replacement. If you do not sign up you will be called and assigned activities or need to pay the non-working fees. 

3.  We hold Membership Meetings throughout the year ( in Spring – at
work party,  and at Range Closing).  Your attendance is strongly encouraged.

 4. The 3D league will start Tuesday, May 19th and go for 12 weeks. The week from June 30th to July 2nd will be a bye-week.


Lakeshore Bowhunters Archery Club Membership levels:

Single Membership (includes 12 weeks of  3-D league & 5 LSB Shoots) $135.00 

Family Membership (includes  12 weeks of 3-D & 5 LSB shoots) $200.00 

Non-Working Single Membership (includes 12 weeks 3-D league &5  LSB shoots) $200.00 


Junior Membership 3D League (age 15-17) $25.00 

Cadet Membership 3D League (age 12-14) $25.00 

Junior Membership 3D League (age 11 and under) FREE 

Membership Costs:

We have decided to restructure the pricing structure for this year due to the first two shoots being cancelled. The updated pricing structure is listed below.

  • • Single- $100
  • • Family- $165
  • • Non-Working- $165
  • • Cub (ages 11 & under)- Free
  • • Cadet (ages 12-14)- $25
  • • Junior (ages 15-17)- $25